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Since first coming together in the English Midlands in 2006, Alunah have trafficked in a blend of the earthly and the unearthly. Over the course of their three albums – 2010’s Call of Avernus (Catacomb Records), 2012’s White Hoarhound (PsycheDOOMelic Records) and 2014’s Awakening The Forest (Napalm Records) – the four-piece have been a constant force of progression into an individualized take on psychedelic and organic heft. They released their fourth album Solennial in 2017 through Svart Records.


This store is managed by members of Alunah, all items are available for worldwide delivery, and are sent directly via Royal Mail from Alunah who are based in the UK.

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White Hoarhound 12" Vinyl Album (Silver) and Patch

Availability: 22


The first 50 sold will come with a limited edition 'White Hoarhound' 15cm x 5cm (rough edged) patch; screen printed silver ink on 195gsm black fabric and an exclusive design only available from Alunah!


Originally released in 2012 (CD) on PsycheDOOMelic and 2013 (vinyl) on Napalm Records, Alunah's second album "White Hoarhound" is getting a vinyl re-release. On its 5 year anniversary, Catacomb Records have joined forces with HeviSike Records to re-release it with new artwork; limited to only 300 copies. Recorded by Greg Chandler at Priory Recording Studios, England, and re-mastered for vinyl by Tony Reed at HeavyHead Recording Co., WA, USA. 





1. Demeter's Grief 
2. White Hoarhound (listen here >>)
3. Belial's Fjord
4. The Offering
5. Chester Midsummer Watch Parade
6. Oak Ritual I
7. Oak Ritual II

"Straightforward Black Sabbath worship with equally straightforward songs and fine emotional moments, a timeless piece" - Metal Hammer Germany

"I thought they arrived in a big way with 'Call Of Avernus' but 'White Hoarhound' shows a band maturing at a rate that most other bands can only dream of" - Doomantia

"The second album by the UK band is a stunner. Not only is it first-rate English doom in the grand tradition of Cathedral" - MSN Entertainment

"This album is already been acclaimed as a future classic and masterpiece. And you know what it. It fucking is. Alunah have delivered their best work to date. This should propel the guys onto the next level of Doom/Stoner Metal" - Sludgelord

"From the very beginning, you are taken on a journey, with Soph and the boys playing tour guide into the deep, dark depths of the doomy world they call home. “White Hoarhound” seems to have a mature and sophisticated feel to it. In their first album, I sensed the vibe that Alunah was ready to take on the world. With their latest release, I sensed that Alunah had become the world" - 339 Metal

"All hail British doom (after all we invented it) and all hail Alunah for producing an album that gives it a serious shot in the arm!" - Sleeping Shaman

"Fans of shroom-y, stoom-y doom should absolutely flip their wigs over White Hoarhound. Though I have no prior experience with Alunah’s sound other than this record, the band had no problem winning me over track to track. I went from knowing nothing about them, to becoming a big fan in an extremely short span of time. If you like this kind of hazy, mega-heavy smooth groove sound; you should consider this an essential purchase. Now time for this putz to go back and explore their previous releases!" - Hellride Music