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Since first coming together in the English Midlands in 2006, Alunah have trafficked in a blend of the earthly and the unearthly. Over the course of their three albums – 2010’s Call of Avernus (Catacomb Records), 2012’s White Hoarhound (PsycheDOOMelic Records) and 2014’s Awakening The Forest (Napalm Records) – the four-piece have been a constant force of progression into an individualized take on psychedelic and organic heft. They released their fourth album Solennial in 2017 through Svart Records.


This store is managed by members of Alunah, all items are available for worldwide delivery, and are sent directly via Royal Mail from Alunah who are based in the UK.

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Alunah Awakening the Forest 12" Vinyl Album (black)

Availability: 1


"Awakening the Forest" limited edition gatefold black 180g vinyl, featuring the third album from Alunah. This album was released in 2014 on Napalm Records. 


1. Bricket Wood Coven
2. Heavy Bough (watch the video >>)
3. Awakening The Forest
4. The Mask of Herne
5. Scourge and The Kiss
6. The Summerland

"Is there a doom band that sounds dreamier than Alunah? That’s a big reason I love this English band: they play heavy music rooted in the tradition of Saint Vitus, but the focus isn’t so much on brute force but grace."

"A sure-fire sign that Alunah have the potential to exist amongst the greats."

"Signing to a major label has obviously given the four-piece clarity and this is their most mature release to date."

"Day's vocals lead the band's charge with a regal charisma, while the songwriting is refreshingly old-school, bereft of any occult, retro, or stoner elements which would otherwise bog this one down as 'just another new release in the pile'. Instead, Awakening the Forest is some of the better doom metal this writer has heard in a while"

"With bands like Cathedral and Orange Goblin flying the flag for UK doom, the Birmingham 4 piece are mere footsteps behind, if not, on par with quality, they just lack the years of touring and building the name. You can rest assured that they’ll get there in the end though, especially with albums like this. Already a massive fan of Alunah, I was already aware of the brilliance that was White Hoarhound, and to say they smashed it this time around with this release is somewhat of an understatement."

"There's something bewitching about Alunah that stirs up an ache inside."

"We can attest that the band centred around singer Sophie Day, have inherited genes of the forefathers in their blood"

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